Top 5 most used PHP framework in 2018

28 Aug


For any kind of web application development or even for designing a website, PHP is a technology that is widely used now-a-days. It is deemed to be the most famous and common used server-side programming language. This is an open up source scripting language plus has been a secure and stable technology through the long back.

Initially, the particular PHP developers started forming some custom codes to achieve each and every task via PHP but with time they sensed that writing codes for every functionally are a tiresome task making the language less usable. Therefore, they come with an efficient methodology that is associated with certain frameworks.

Introduction of PHP frameworks

In the PHP framework, various reusable codes are combined together for creating a web application, web design and website development. These websites and software may be of many sizes plus complexity depending on the particular requirement.

These frameworks provide a standard way for the development of web-based application and software. The development becomes much faster because the code will be reusability and not to be written again and again where it’s required. Therefore, the developers can use these frameworks.

Features of the PHP frameworks

Following are some associated with the reasons why nearly all of the web development business still prefers using the particular active PHP frameworks:

  • Code Reusability: The web growth gets speed up as a consequence of the code reusability.
  • Higher Security: These frameworks offer high security for the website or even for the application.
  • Along with the use of frameworks, developers can implement the concept of OOPs in their development process.
  • Scalable: The web applications that are depending on frameworks are extremely scalable.
  • It follows the Model View Controller (MVC) logic which is recommended for the web development as the logic is usually totally segregated from the particular presentation.

These are a few of the important fundamental of PHP framework that makes them so popular in order to be used.


Top 5 most used PHP framework For Development

Regarding the development of web apps, there are Top 5 PHP frameworks available in the online market. Let’s have a look at the best Framework which is really common that are shown below.

  1. Laravel PHP Framework

Laravel is one of the most used open source PHP framework that is used nowadays. It had been introduced and developed in 2011 by Taylor Otwell. This framework is extremely preferred in the market and nearly 60%-80% of the PHP developer is using Laravel. The reason behind this is the WVC structures utilized by Laravel and highly secured. The WVC architecture followed by Laravel has a huge package room combined with the feature of line management.

Advantages of using Laravel Framework

  • Building Authentication and Authorization Systems.
  • Integration with Mail Services.
  • It provides a clean, simple API over the popular SwiftMailer libraries.
  • Fixing the Most Common Vulnerabilities.
  • Automatically Configuration Error and Exception Handling.
  • Automation of Testing Work.

There are several new features which may have been recently added to the particular Laravel framework. Several features are shown below:

  • Laravel horizon

It comes along with a dashboard which has been designed elegantly and has a suitable configuration based on the particular code which suits the particular Redis queues.

  • Laravel Sunset

With this feature, the particular browser automation along with the screening API becomes very easy in order to use and expressive. Numerous developers prefer this.

  • Laravel Echo

Laravel echo has got the feature of event transmitting. Without any complexities, the particular WebSockets may be used in the application by making use of Laravel replicate.

Laravel framework has the particular capability to make the design and development basic and elegant enough with regard for both beginners and expert developers. Large groups, as well as the individual developers, can simply make use of Laravel.


  1. Symfony

Symphony is a specific selection when the development is for a large-scale company. The particular ecosystem of this framework is huge enough with a major library of the particular codebase and recyclable pieces together with a community associated with active developers. The job of reusable parts is to complete the item creation and configuration, templating, routing, authentication and several more other things.


  1. CodeIgniter

This being a lightweightframeworkthat is employed whenever you need to offer installations that are hassle-free and less of the configuration settings needed. CodeIgniter has the particular capacity to work upon all sorts of dedicated plus shared hosting platforms in a hassle-free manner.

It is not really completely following the MVC architecture and hence designers get some mobility while operating with CodeIgniter PHP framework. Make use of a controller is should but yes, using model and view is really a total choice of the creator. The error handling is very easy with this construction, in fact, it is highly secure since well.


  1. CakePHP

CakePHP is another widely used construction of 2018. This is highly secured, reliable and incredibly quick. From a decade, this framework exists in the particular market and it is very well-known among the PHP developers. It comes with many special features like Cross-site request forgery protection, avoidance from SQL injection plus prevention from cross-site scripting etc.

With CakePHP, scaffolding is very simple and hence the web development company can create its own prototypes easily. No complicated YAML files are needed for the configuration. Everything that is required for the development of an application is supplied in the framework such as the access to the data source, validation, translations and the particular authentication.


  1. Yii 2

Yii is 1 of the very older active PHP frameworks. Lately, it has created a brand new version named as Yii 2. This framework is usually purely object-oriented. Functions on lazy loading techniques which usually make the framework function faster than other frameworks.

The big and substantial web application development company may preferably go for the consumption of Yii 2 framework. The particular major reason is the fact that this particular framework may easily get integrated with features like Jquery and AJAX. There is one more feature called Gii which has the ability to generate code.

These are the top 5 advanced best PHP frameworks that will are widely-used widely all over the world. It totally is determined by the advantages of the website which framework for use.

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Top 10 Advanced SEO Techniques 2018

20 Jul

In Today World SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an essential tool in order to rule over the Online industry. If you have the correct SEO technique and skills in your pocket, then you can easily rule in the online industry and generate higher traffic to your website or blog page. You should have the proper knowledge about the characteristics and necessity of each and every aspect like content, consumption of keywords, elimination of negative key phrases and various other aspects which play a significant role to double your website traffic and generate higher ROI.

Nowadays everyone in the world starts their day along with Google search and if you need the users to visit on your web page or website, then you must follow these SEO techniques that help you to boost your online appearance on the internet.

“Are you ready to double your website traffic?”

To help you understand more in SEO, We offer some Advances SEO techniques for on-page and off-page. We have done lots of research to get these effective techniques. These SEO techniques are updated on the daily basis.

Top SEO Techniques 2018

  • Mobile- excellent device (Responsive web design)

Right now there is no need to say how important the Smartphone are in the particular current period. Many associated with the concerns today create mobile-friendly websites which are usually really loved by the users. Be it for purchasing or ordering food, everyone usually loves online order. So, if your website is responsive and user-friendly then it keeps your client/user come back. Hire the Best responsive website designing company to make your website responsive and user-friendly.

So, if you want higher Google Rankings, make certain you have got a website which is user-friendly and easily accessible on their devices such as Smartphone, desktop, iPhone and lots more. So, your websites should become designed in such a way that they will be opened within the smart devices and takes lesser time for execution.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Audit

Now, SEO Audit is something which you can’t be forgotten or skipped. It is the consequence of your website’s performance on the internet. It provides you the information about errors, bugs, linking, are usually the search traffic plus whether the traffic increased or decreased and the reasons. You may then make the changes accordingly in your website which is actually needed.

Work on all the on-page, off-page tech. such as Meta tags, description, title, loading speed, technical elements, architecture and much more.

Use URLs that are readable and avoid those which have robots.txt. You can also utilize target keywords in Web addresses.

Some Free SEO Tools 2018 are shown below:

1) Google Webmaster

2) Google Analytics


4) SEMRush

5) Pagezii

6) SEOptimer and many more.

  1. Landing pages getting SEO optimization

To produce a lot more traffic, you should have proper landing web pages. The users should really get interesting and helpful content on your website. Presently there are some crucial elements which should be kept in mind for the development of correct landing web pages. Those are relevant information, correct keywords and many more. The particular layout of the web page should be attractive sufficient to get the attention associated with the users. There ought to sign up procedure plus download button. One of the main things which generate a good landing web page is no navigation which means the users need not really have to continue looking what they need.

“Firstly observe what your user needs and their wants”

  1. Content (King of SEO)

We all know content is the king in today’s marketing. The particular content must be unique and must be going above 1500 words. When Google or any search engine looks on your website or page, firstly they look at the content and their uniqueness. Having quality content, so that the user will get the exact information they will be looking for.

“Have more quality content on web pages that may lead to generate higher traffic”

Right now, thousands of people are looking for content just like yours. You can help them find it by becoming an SEO expert.

According to some research on a website’s, usually traffic begins with Questioners.

“Why SEO is so necessary to boost web pages?”

  1. Use infographics

Nowadays Infographics are becoming more popular because they allow us to display complex data in an easy and effective way. Using infographics holds one of the most effective ways to generate more traffic.

A person can use visual means and pictures to obviously show the information. The particular diagrams, charts can very helpful and useful. The images, videos, and images also display much associated with the information about the item. Users love more than the particular infographics. The websites having videos and infographics will easily gain more traffic and interest of the users.

“Quality infographics easily boots your website traffic and influence by 200%”

  1. Great roundup post

The roundup post should be nice to grab the interest of the readers. The specialist roundups are liked simply by your readers and they also help you in maintaining benefit rank on the particular map. Expert Roundup write-up also helps in an era of more traffic in the direction of the websites. Users take notice of the viewpoints and advice associated with authorities which can eventually result in the success associated with the website.

  1. Use of keywords in SEO titles on pages

The page title should contain more than a single keyword. The keywords need to be used in this kind of way that the title will not look bad or even unattractive. Keep in mind that you use all the relevant keywords or else it creates a bad impact in the eyes of the readers. The keywords must be such that they existing the useful and relevant info on the topic. The particular good keywords improve the ratings of the website.

For SEO Based Content you should follow several key factors that are shown below.

  • Make sure that the main keyword will appear in the title as well in the web pages or blog post.
  • Content may include some of the long tail keywords as well as short tail keywords.
  • Use your keywords within the heading tags <h1>, <h2>, … <h7> tags to put more emphasis on them.
  • Use your keywords as anchor text when linking to other web pages or we called as internal linking.

Example: If your website niche is on Website Designing then you should optimize such Keywords like website designing company, web design and more into your website content. You should think twice before introducing keyword. Choose the best and effective Keywords that help you to generate higher traffic.

  1. Put new content

This really is again a significant SEO technique which you need in order to follow. Make use of the headline along with keywords. You need to add client testimonials and mentions anywhere possible on the web page. These techniques will assist in producing more visitors and result in an increase in sales. You should change the particular content often and set brand new images, pictures, and video clips by replacing the content with a new one.

  1. Social Media platforms

If you write a new blog post and get higher traffic. That’s not possible to get higher traffic on fresh post because the page authority and domain authority is quite less. To get more traffic to your new blog post you can optimize the social media platforms. Because in today’s world everyone is engaging more into social media platform.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that the content you put on the social media should be interesting so that users will feel in order to read more. Some top social media platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Scoop It, G+, and more.

You may take advantage of animated videos, pictures and images to grab the particular attention of the customers. You can build a local community where the users can chat and make conversations.

  1. Google Search Console

Google Webmaster tool will show you the various errors of your site plus the keywords which are frequently used. You may understand the errors such since 404 pages. It furthermore shows you the different WEB ADDRESS errors in the websites and pages. It furthermore displays Google Index plus Crawls stats.

These are the most effective SEO processes for generating the traffic and increasing the domain authority and page authority. SEO techniques are broadly utilized by all the worries now for building their brand and connecting with users positioned in additional parts of the globe. The primary aim of SEO is to provide what the audience actually desires. You can get in touch with best SEO company in delhi order to know much more. 






Which is the best website design company Delhi?

5 Jun

SAM Web Studio is one in every of the highest and best website designing,  website development, Joomla development, Magento development, IOS apps development, Mobile apps development, web hosting company in Delhi, India.  SAM Web Studio is successfully providing Web solutions and additionally spearheading a number of the foremost effective online campaigns for businesses – across a number of industries. With domain experience within the field of digital selling, style, and development, we tend to build it our prime focus to implement objective driven methods that facilitate our customers notice success during this more and more advanced web world.

Top 10 Advanced SEO Techniques 2018

31 May

1) SEO Audit(Complete SEO Audit on your Website)

  1. a) All Pages Contain Meta Tags and Description
  2. b) Each page Contains Meta Keywords
  3. c) User-Friendly URL Structure
  4. d) All Images contains ALT Tags
  5. d) Blog Post Format Properly(Contains <H1>,<H2>…<H6> Tags)
  6. e) Xml, Robots.txt presents

2) Create SEO Rich Content

  1. a) Choose relevant topic
  2. b) Minimum content (1200 Words)
  3. c) Optimized with Long-Tail Keywords

3) Responsive website (Mobile- Friendly)

4) Infographics Submission

  1. a) Slideshare
  2. b) Infographics Showcase
  3. c) Flickr
  4. d) Reddit
  5. e) Infographic Bee
  6. f) Infographaholic

5) Optimize content from RankBrain

6) Optimize Social Media Platform

(Like Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, and many more)

Website Development

6 Apr

Hi, we have a website developed in the Laravel version 5. We are using Google re-captcha to prevent spammers for inquiry forms but we are still getting lots of spam emails. Is there any perfect solution to fix it permanently?

Website Designing Guide for Responsive Websites

27 Mar

In last few years technology has changed in a vast manner hence our approach should also be changed accordingly. A few years ago designers designed a website that was only compatible with desktops but in today’s era, everything needs to come on a mobile phone to live in this fast-growing technology market. Responsive web designing refers to a website which is compatible with all screen types and all screen sizes. In today’s time, people use different types and sizes of gadgets hence any website designer cannot afford to be size specific and deny standard use for any one of the types of device. Given below is the summarized guide on how to make a responsive website. 

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3 Vital Components To Build Conversion And SEO Friendly eCommerce Website

22 Feb

Remember attracting more and more potential customers is not the only purpose of an eCommerce site. But, your site must have the ability to convert these visitors to customers that buy your products and services again and again. Conversions of your eCommerce site depend on the online shopping experiences that the website provides. And these experiences can be created with the best design and development of your eCommerce site.

Why SEO Friendly eCommerce Website

One of the most vital things that you can do for eCommerce success ensures your site is search engine optimized. SEO is the most beneficial tool used in the fast process of e-commerce as well as helps to increase the traffic on your site and makes the website visible  at the top of the search engine.

It can be very difficult for new clients to find a website that is not optimized. And SEO is what allows your site appear on the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. The 10 websites on the first page of any search engine get 94% of the hits, but number 1 get 35% more hits than others. If an online buyer isn’t clicking on your site, then chances are that he or she is clicking on your competitor’s site.

Always Keep Your Audience In Mind

Must research your target audience before you hire an eCommerce web development company to build your eCommerce site. It is extremely important to understand your target people and make sure you include all the key features on your site. Also, research well about what your target audience wants and what they expect from your site and ensure that you include all the features from a buyer’s point of view. It will increase your website conversion rate as well. You can also boost online advertising as well as can build interlinked relationships with articles and blogs in order to add to the positive effect of conversion optimization.

Keep in mind that site speed affects visitors, their experience, ranking, duration of time spent on your site.  So, make sure your site accessed by visitors quickly and easily. You can increase speed of your website by avoiding irrelevant links, plenty of images and etc.

Search Box

The search box is one of the most key functions for every eCommerce site because it lets buyers save time and find the product they are looking for quickly, skipping over the products and pages that don’t interest them. Ensure that the product descriptions are accurate. Apart from this, a search box must be placed prominently to maximize its benefits to your site usability and navigation as well.

Call To Action (CTA)

A CTA is what motivates a site visitors to take action whether the visitor is signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase or visiting a special collection. So, ensure that your website has a clear and right Call to Action. The right CTA will surely boost conversions and ultimately your sales. Apart from this it also keeps your web visitors returning to your website over and over.

Showing the user the value of clicking is a major element of an effective Call to Action. So, explain to users why they must click. If you are collecting their email ID’s, then you can market your products and services to them, and can also inform about discounts as well.

Apart from this these 3 Vital Components to Build Conversion and SEO Friendly eCommerce Website, ensure that your eCommerce websites feature simple messaging, a shopping cart, strong website security and a viable payment gateway.eCOMMERCE WEBSITE.jpg