9 Important Things You Need To Know About WordPress

2 Jul
9 Important Things You Need To Know About WordPress

Whether you want a small blog post website or a big website for a big fat organization that can spread your brand across the globe, WordPress holds nearly one-third of the world’s website. WordPress can download and install for free, and it is one of its kind in this competition of site builders and content management systems. It provides magnificent features to make your website look amazing and attractive.

WordPress is very flexible and adaptable for changing needs according to the business. You say your requirement and WordPress will allow you to perform it conveniently with the help of an efficient and amazing range of plugins and other features. Endless theme options play a vital role in WordPress.

Apart from this WordPress works smoothly and effectively with SEO (search engine optimization). There are many plugins present there that can help you in improving SEO for your business.

Today we will get into the crucial parts of WordPress and see the important things that you need to know about. Let’s take a look at the best parts of the WordPress that may be you don’t know.

9 Important Things You Need To Know About WordPress

1) Well Liked CMS Across The Globe

There are more websites that are powered by WordPress as compare to any other content management system and that’s what stats show “WordPress powers 4.5% of the entire internet”.

50 to 60% of the total number of websites that use CMS are created on WordPress. It is also mentioned that 17 blogs are published every second on WordPress websites.

2) Big Brands Using WordPress Shows Reliability

There are large numbers of brands that are world-famous and using WordPress websites. This shows how reliable WordPress is and you don’t have to worry about your data on it.

Do you know? Blogs made by TechCrunch, BBC America, The official star war blog, and sony music are built on WordPress.

Brands like Vogue, MTV News, Facebook newsroom, NASA, and many more brands are using WordPress content management system.

3) Started as Blogging Platform and Now!

WordPress at the starting, known for the leading blogging platform and people appreciated it as it worked amazingly. But after some time, we get to know that it is more than just a blogging platform. It could do more than that and now WordPress has made its net across the globe in every type of business of every industry whether it’s an educational website, ecommerce website, Business Website, etc.

4) Add Staggering Features through Plugins

With the help of WordPress plugins, you can extend your way of making your website interactive and efficient to get better results. You can use both free as well as paid plugins that can do anything you want to make changes on your website without writing any codes.

There are around 50000+ free themes and plugins available on WordPress. It also has many premium plugins that can add more features and functionality to your website processes.

5) Design Your Own Website Without The Help of Developer

You don’t need any designer or developer if you want blogging or a normal website. You can make it ready with your taste of designs choosing one of the themes that match your requirements. Then you just have to add plugins that you want or may work perfectly with your strategies.

If you are looking to work on some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stuff then adding plugins like Yoast SEO, rank math, All in one SEO Tool, etc. will help you. The common things like adding codes to the header or footer for the analytics or any other purpose. It is a very great and smart platform that helps you in making your website without any difficulty.

Making a website on WordPress is a very easy process that can start with installing it on your system, choosing themes, and adding plugins for additional features.

6) WordPress Is Free

WordPress never charges anything from you against any change you made and anything you do to your website. It is a perfect website creating a platform that is beneficial for newbies as well as for the big brands dealing across the globe.

“Some premium plugins and themes are paid but it has enough free plugins and themes that let you customize your website according to your needs.”

You can save lots of money if you first read and go through some videos of how WordPress works. You don’t need any developer if you aim to prepare a website on your own with the help of WordPress.

7) Piece Of Cake For Freelancers

People who are more in freelancing can make their portfolio website easily on WordPress and can grab the attention of the other businesses and brands that are in search of freelancers to work on projects.

You can freelance as a WordPress specialist instead of working in a 9 to 5 office. There are lots of opportunities for the freelancers who want to offer services such as website setup, customized themes, etc.

8) Starting With WordPress Takes No Time

Two or three months are more than enough to get to know about WordPress if you are starting as a freelancer or want to make a proper website for your portfolio. You can start with the themes, work on them by customizing them. Every theme has its customization features that let you make your website look different from others. Then start finding new things by adding plugins and pages to your websites.

9) Easy To Manage And Maintain

WordPress websites are very easy to manage because of the main thing and that is coding. You can customize with just clicks and choosing customization options. WordPress provides documentation from its huge and wide community that it made over the years. The problem that you may have seen is probably been seen by many others and solved already.

So there are no such chances where you have to worry about. Free support from the community is also available to resolve your issues.

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Facebook vs Instagram versus Twitter vs Linkedin: Which one is better for business Marketing

25 Mar
Facebook vs Instagram versus Twitter vs Linkedin: Which one is better for business Marketing

Every on the internet business needs a social media platform existence to get more and excellent results. It doesn’t matter you are managing a small or a big business, social media marketing is a crucial tool to you in connecting with particular customers, increasing recognition for your brand name, and boosting product sales.

According to the reports of 2020, more than 3.6 billion people were using social media worldwide and this particular number increases to around 4. 5 billion in 2025.

Today we will discuss Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and exactly how all these social media platforms work & help in marketing. We will see the pros & cons of the most social media platform to get the concept that which may suit your business.

Twitter Marketing for Business

Twitter is among the largest and most popular social media platforms having more compared to 310 million users. Businesses all around the world use Twitter to reach their clients and increase business. Twitter helps within reaching a wider audience.

Let’s see how Twitter can help your business.

Pros of Twitter marketing for business

Help in reaching a wider audience

As mentioned above, Twitter comes with a big user base that includes all your potential customers. By making use of hashtags, you can achieve your audience regarding different topics with different locations very quickly.

1)          It helps within making a great brand identity

Being on Twitter, doing regular marketing stuff to get in touch with the clients portray an excellent personality for your business. Many people like to go with the trusted brands that will have an excellent social media marketing presence. This also increases allegiance for your clients.

2)          Feedback benefits

Twitter is a good method to or we can say an excellent source associated with gathering feedback through the customers plus attract more users through those reviews that are actual. Cons of twitter marketing.

1)          Expensive platform

Twitter costs greater than the other social media platforms for running advertisements. The high-level cost of marketing is one of the drawbacks many businesses step back from it.

2)          Difficulty in deriving the correct ROI

Sometimes people click on the ad by mistake but this gets counted since a click but is a waste click for your business. This is why it becomes challenging sometimes to derive correct ROI from Twitter marketing.

3)          Spamming

Twitter has spamming rick more than some other social media platform.  So, do not visit anywhere clicking on the link offered by the unidentified user.

Facebook Marketing for Business

Facebook is also a very good social media platform not just to reach communicate with your customers but also to be in touch with them. It helps in promoting the business as well because of gaining new followers.

Pros of Facebook Marketing

1)          Several choices

Facebook marketing for business has been promoted over many years and now you can pick to produce an advertising campaign and it optimizes your advertisement to the best accomplishing one.

2)          Specific ad targeting

No other social media platform can come close to Facebook when it is about targeting capabilities for the marketing. If you choose Facebook PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisement, it will help you in achieving your customers extremely conveniently.

Apart from targeting age groups and genders, you can even focus on the people of different professions, people who enjoy certain shows, etc.

3)          Larger audience potential

Facebook has a huge audience base that simply no other social media agrees with and that’s why most businesses use Facebook marketing to reach their potential customers.

Cons of Facebook Marketing

1)          Huge audience means huge competition

As mentioned above, Facebook carries a massive audience and businesses are moving towards Facebook marketing to reach their users. It means you have to be different from others you want to attract customers.

2)          Diminishing organic search

No one can see your content if you aren’t paying Facebook for the advertisements. First, you target your customers simply by creating campaigns and pay for them, after that you will reach your customers and your customers will certainly see your content material.

3)          You pay more you get the more

If you need the desirable outcomes, you need a big budget to show your content to the users very first.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is come skyward being a valuable digital marketing tool for brand awareness. LinkedIn, with more than 500 million users, is a huge professional network. Such as other social media platforms, Linkedin marketing has pros and cons.

Advantages of LinkedIn marketing

1)          Faster advertising

The business owners and markets, which need to see outcomes quickly, can make use of LinkedIn marketing. You can ready plus run a campaign live on LinkedIn in only five minutes.

2)          Safe place for business

LinkedIn is all about professionalism and reliability. Genuine businesses or professional people create LinkedIn a safe place for marketing.

3)          Linkedin answer area

LinkedIn answer area allows users to get in touch with every other by answering the questions and solving other’s questions. It may help you to reach more people in case you get success by giving the appropriate answers to their questions.

Cons of LinkedIn Advertisement

1)          Not very good regarding video advertising

If you prefer a marketing platform correctly where you can videos more compared to other content after that LinkedIn is not really for you because LinkedIn is lagging behind other social networks in embracing this new video marketing trend in the market.

2)          Not all users are customers

LinkedIn has a good amount of user base but not everyone here is looking for the product or service you are providing. Many of them have been in search of an employment opportunity.

3)          You cannot reach younger viewers

This is something that LinkedIn’s rating drops because you cannot reach the younger viewers that have not started their profession or not getting into an expert network.

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Instagram Marketing for Online Business

Instagram is the best advertising platform in the social media world that not only helps your online business to grow with the visual organic content but also allows you to run advertisements to boost the number of users who see your posts.

Pros of Instagram Marketing

1)          Clickable links

Instagram business marketing advertisements allow you to manage your traffic to your website as you can add clickable links as a part of your posts.

2)          More utilized by youth

If your product or service is for young customers (18-29) then Instagram is for you that can help in increasing your website traffic.

3)          Many advertising options

Instagram allows businesses to build and run advertisements based on the goals whether it’s for driving click links, Instagram profile visits, or increasing visibility. It also offers options such as promotional videos, individual pictures, or Instagram stories.

Cons of Instagram marketing

1)          Instagram links are less effective than Facebook

Instagram is not a click-friendly social media platform for business because you cannot put a clickable link in your posts.

2)          Limited audience

Instagram has above one billion active monthly users which is the most significant reason you should use Instagram for marketing but the preponderance of them are between 18-29 years. This is helpful for those only who are looking for fresh customers for their service or products.

3)          Less advanced features

Features of Instagram are very simple and straight forward but all of them don’t have the capability of editing the campaigns and advertisements like Facebook.

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There are nobody-size suits all, you have to assess, plan, make a plan, and then apply things for great results. SAM Web Studio has observed experts for each worker who provide the work keeping client’s and their business’s necessity on top concern.

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Improve Your B2B Lead Generation Skills with Online Marketing

8 Jan

The world of marketing has been completely changed since the introduction of online marketing. Sales and lead generation processes have now become more easy and effective. With the widespread of Internet, the limitations of traditional marketing methods are now rectified through digital and online marketing. 

Traditional marketing was simply focused on customers only, which was a business-to-consumer (B2C) model. With the development of lead generation services the business-to-business (B2B) marketing model has been introduced. It is a little vast and complex process than the B2C model but with proper knowledge and experience one can enhance their B2B lead generation skills

B2B business requires a professional online image which is in the form of website or a web page, nowadays, social media profiles are also considered as a mode to establish presence in the field of online marketing. After the image comes traffic followed by leads. Online traffic means people who visit your web appearance or potential customers of your business who are interested in the service or products offered by your business. 

These two factors can affect your B2B lead generation capacity but with the right skills you can easily manage it. Most business owners tend to outsource lead generation services to a professional digital marketing company in Delhi. Such companies have good experience in digital marketing and can help you set up your online presence and follow you through the process of campaign creation and lead generation. 

Back in the days, marketing methods involved telemarketing, live marketing events, press marketing etc., these were effective back then but when compared to the online marketing methods of modern times, they seemed to be expensive, slow and less productive. This cause the drastic shift towards the online marketing. Today, social media platforms, video platforms, online ads, blog sites and websites are gaining popularity to promote business profiles, create opportunities, increase sales and attract better leads both in quality and quantity. All this in an economical budget which is cheaper than the traditional marketing methods.

With online marketing there is no such thing as target market because it facilitates your business to operate around the globe so you can reach out to any marketplace you like. B2B lead generation is more of finding target consumers instead of target market. It is like a hunt you keep making until you reach to an interested consumer. B2B lead generation is also a repetitive process because you need to increase your sales and therefore, you need to keep reaching out to new target consumers while establishing good terms with your old consumers.  

Improve Your B2B Lead Generation Skills with Online Marketing

Once you build an effective B2B lead generation chain, it will keep improving your business by acting as a powerful tool to enhance your marketing and sales. 

Below are some online marketing practices that you can use for inbound lead generation for your business: 

1)         Reach out to people directly

This is the best way to start your online marketing process. Once you have an online presence, use it to reach out to every individual personally. Effective lead generation depends upon how well your represent yourself in front of potential consumers. Newsletters and emails are the best way to reach out to people and to stay in touch with them once you establish your business relation with them.

You should treat every individual as a potential buyer of your service. Create a link between your client by establishing a trustworthy relation and then offer your services to them which they should consider worthy of investing in. Thus, it is important to reach out to more and more consumers and to consider every consumer as a target consumer.

2)         Focus on your social media marketing

Social media is one of the most significant component of online marketing. More than half of the digital marketing happens on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google etc.. Revamp your social media presence and keep it attractive for the visitors, if your social media profile is boring you will face a hard time in lead generation. 

These platforms offer their own marketing tools like Facebook ads, Instagram Business Shop, Google Ads and SEO, Pop-up Ads, etc.. Use these tools for your advantage to boost up your online campaigns and promotions. Your B2B lead generation will skyrocket if your social media marketing is well managed and maintained. You can also use it to direct traffic towards your website to increase site traffic and the more traffic you bring in, the more leads your will generate.

3)         Use content marketing regularly

Content marketing is the simplest technique to improve B2B lead generation. Contents includes blogs, articles, Infographics etc., these are the simplest form of marketing tools which are easy to connect with. Keep posting your content regularly in set intervals to attract new people towards it. In simpler terms, be consistent with content and keep it as simple and short as you can cause no one likes to spend time reading long complex blogs or article.

Your content should be straight to the point while fully describing your business and its offerings. You can also optimize your content with search engine so that it can attract the eyes of interested readers.

4)         Keep repeating the whole drill

The whole idea behind successful lead generation service is to keep repeating your technique until they stop generating leads. In simple words, create a campaign, make it online, promote it till it stops giving desired leads, then create a new plan and repeat the same. That’s all you need to do in order to establish online business marketing process for B2B lead generation. It might not be as easy as it sounds but the key is to be consistent and you will witness the change and growth gradually. 


B2B lead generation is a skill and skill is only attained by practice and experience. With the help of online marketing you can establish your business without spending a lot of money and resources. Keep practicing by yourself using the techniques mentioned above to gain experience. Do not hesitate to take help of outsourcing digital marketing company in order to establish your own online marketing process. 

Is PPC Worth It? | Pros and Cons of PPC Marketing

1 Nov
Is PPC Worth It? | Pros and Cons of PPC Marketing

Today, people are getting smarter and so do businesses because no one wants to waste their time in the market when you have a global market in your Smartphone. Now talking about businesses and start-ups they went for the online presence before installing a physical setup. This helps them to analyze that people are using and getting attach to their products & services or not. Sometimes people are getting more attached to the online services and don’t prefer to use those services offline. This is the best benefit of starting a business online.

But before starting and after releasing your products and services you have to make sure that your website gets a good amount of traffic because you are new to the audience, grabbing their attention, and putting your brand name in their mind is important for the growth and development. You cannot depend fully on organic traffic at the starting because no most people prefer going with the settled brand and what they are using for a longer time. The best way to get traffic from Google is PPC marketing, it will blow your brand’s name trumpet on search engines. Let’s talk more about PPC campaigns.

What is PPC?

Pay per click is the most commonly used platform all over the world that boosts the traffic graph on your website. Best for the newcomers, you can create attractive landing pages, and by connecting it with the advertisement in order to make your brand name viral in the world. It appears on the top of the search engine result page and when someone clicks on it, they will be redirected to the landing page you have set while creating an advertisement.

Here you will pay for each click that is what PPC stands for, pay per click. The cost per click is a factor that shows how much you will be charged on one click.

It depends on the keywords you choose, demographics, and type of ad you choose. It is the budgeted, measured, and highly positive result-oriented way to target the audience.

The best thing you will get while using PPC marketing is that you can run your ads by setting a budget every time. This way you will get better results in your budget. It allows you to generate higher revenue at a lower investment.

As we know the technology and operations are made to keep things convenient and at this platform, you can easily run your business online and skip the optimization process. PPC has many benefits but at the same time everything has its drawback but not more than benefits, means you can ignore the drawbacks if you understand the benefits and see its benefits in your business.

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Pros of PPC

·         Immediate action

If we talk about SEO, it takes time to reach out to the people who are targeted but PPC will attack the people from the first day of launching ads. If your business is new and you don’t want to wait for the longer period them instead of going of SEO you can opt for the PPC and get the results at the speed of light. In less than 24 hours you will see the results on your analytics page.

·         Budget friendly

As mentioned above you will only be charged when someone clicks on your ad otherwise it will not cost you a single buck. This will help you in maintaining control of your advertisement budget. When your ad budget will be finished once, without your permission Google will not show your ads. Ads will be on the run again when you fill-up the budget again. To check your budget for ads you can easily go to your account and make an eye on the whole process.

·         Guaranteed result

We are very well known to the fact from starting that PPC allows you to generate faster results. If you have started a new business, PPC will help you in getting results in just a few days by reaching potential customers. PPC campaigns give higher positive results in less investment. Google ads give you a pack of all the things at one place, also give the preview feature so that you can see how your ads will work on different types of devices whether it’s a phone, PC, or a tablet.

Cons of PPC

·         Traffic is not equals to conversions

Many businesses get their objective complete by running PPC campaigns but some of them require conversions and in PPC, conversion rates are very less for a new business. If you want some better results optimization is the main thing you can do to get some amazing graphs. Want to convert traffic into sales? You have to target the keywords that a group of people actually search and your keywords should match your business too.

·         Every visit count

Invested in Google ads? and analyze that only a few of many converts into sales then this would be a bad experience. No one misses the chance of window shopping and this happens on online websites too. People come, see, and just exit from your website but you have to pay for it because it’s pay per click. Before put hands into PPC your keyword research should be stronger and you should have a great landing page that attracts visitors.

·         Need expertise

If you think you can run ads for your business by seeing videos on the internet then this is the biggest mistake you are going to do. You need to be expertise in PPC or hire one because you can run a PPC campaign on your own but you cannot get the successful results after investing a part of the money in it.

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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website for a Small Business?

29 Jun

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website for a Small Business?

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website for a Small Business?

In the era of the Internet, operating business online is a common practice, but what enables this? The answer is a website. Website is used to run a business online, it acts as a storefront but not the traditional brick and mortar type rather a more modern one which is better in many ways. Websites can be used by any business irrespective of its size and type. It helps you to explore untouched markets because it operates globally. The process of creating a website is known as web designing.

How much does it cost to design the website for a small business?

On average, it costs around 2000$ to 10000$, but the actual cost depends upon several other factors. You can either self-design your website or outsource it to a Website Designing Company. The total cost of website development will depend upon its features, size, capability, and complexity. Website Designing Cost is comparatively cheaper for small businesses because they require a simple website with limited features and basic functions.

Factors Affecting the CostofWeb Designing

The website is a collection of a webpage and its features that makes it functional. The quantity and quality of such features affect the web design cost and also depicts its functionality. A highly functional website will cost more whereas a limited function website will be cheaper.

Here are the major factors that affect small business website design cost:

1) Domain name

Domain name

Domain name

The domain name is technically the address of a website, your website has a virtual location on the World Wide Web and users will visit your website using the web address. The domain is a part of URL, along with the protocol and the path, for example, http://www.amazon.com is the URL of Amazon and here the first component is the protocol, second is domain name and third is the path.

Domain name costs around 1$ to 15$, it generally is the name of the company but in some cases, a similar domain name might exist which will be costly to acquire, else you can select an alternate domain name for a lesser price.

2) Design



Design is the main attraction of your website; an interactive design attracts visitors and users. It is one of the most significant features of the website, therefore, it highly affects your website designing cost. The price of web design ranges from 2000$ to 15000$. Web design includes layout, graphics, templates, color, format, etc., the combination of these features determines the overall design of your website.

With the help of a website designing agency, you can create custom designs or select from a variety of web design options. An optimum design is the one that aligns with your business model, its products, and services.

3) Website Hosting


Website hosting is the feature that actually makes your website accessible on the Internet. For instance, a domain name is the address of your website and web hosting is the facility or server where the website data is stored. Cost of website hosting is charged on a duration basis, like yearly or half-yearly and it may cost up to 25$-25000$ per year depending upon the features of the host.

Small businesses can use ‘shared hosting’ in which multiple websites share a common host or server. Shared website hosting costs 25$-150$ per year but it delivers limited performance and is suitable for low traffic websites.

4) Security

Websites are vulnerable to cyber threats, therefore, they need to be protected and secured. A Secure Sockets Layer or SSL certificate is a substantial tool that ensures the safety of your website. It protects the website and user data from cyber threats like hacking, phishing, etc..It is your duty to ensure the safety of customer’s data, therefore, it is highly important to have SSL certification.

You can get it for free if your website hosting company provide it along with the host server, else it can cost up to 1500$ per year to get certified security for your website. Always remember, a secure website motivates users to entrust personal details and make a payment without any security risk.

5) Number of webpages


The number of WebPages is directly proportional to the web design cost, the greater the number of pages, the higher it will cost. It typically ranges from 1000$ to 5000$ depending upon the exact quantity of webpages. A Website for a small business will comprise a 1-50 webpage where every webpage is created and tested separately, therefore, the cost gradually rises with every additional page.

Ecommerce websites require a higher number of pages as they deal in multiple products that demand multiple webpages to orderly display every product. Web design agencies offer categorized pricing for webpages based on quantity like 1-10,10-20 and so on, this is beneficial for small businesses as it allows them to choose from their preferred quantity.

6) Functionality



One of the most essential features of web design is functionality. It facilitates specific features that enhance the interface of your website. An online payment system is an example of this, where you can provide your customers with an option to pay online through a secure payment gateway.

Web design costs for functionality services range from 2000$-25000$ depending upon the quantity and quality of those features. The website for a small business requires limited features at an initial level, therefore, the functionality cost will be lower for them.

7) Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management System (CMS)

CMS is a magnificent tool that allows user to modify their website and its content without much hassle. It uses a programming process like Microsoft Word, where users can log in to the CMS and edit the contents easily, for example, you can change the terms and conditions, offer details, product name, pricing, etc.

Such small and recurring modifications can be done without contacting the developer. This tool may cost from 2000$-20000$ as per the customization limit and features provided in the CMS. A Website for a small business should have a basic CMS tool that allows them to customize the webpage to give versatile user experience to the visitors.


Self Website Designing Cost VS Professional Web Design Cost

The Self-created website generally costs less than a professionally designed website. It costs around 300$ to create a website using any web building platform whereas a website designing agency can charge from 2000$-10000$ to create a website for a small business.

The cost of self-designing is cheaper but you will first need to learn programming, designing, and maintenance processes to create a working website. Self-designed websites won’t be cutting edge and fast because of limited experience and it will consume a lot of time as well. Plus, you will have to run digital marketing techniques like Search Engine optimization (SEO) lead generation on your own.

On the other hand, a Website Development Company can create a website very fast. Though it is expensive, it will deliver a high-performance website, with great functions and design. With the knowledge and experience of professional web developers, you can create a productive website that attracts a lot of users. The Website designing company in Delhi also performs regular maintenance so you don’t need to worry about it.

It is completely your choice to decide how you want to build your webpage, one is cheap but less efficient and the other one is costly but highly effective. Moreover, investment in web services pays off for themselves in a short period, therefore, one thing is sure that your money and resources won’t be wasted in any case.

AMP VS PWA: Which are Better Accelerate Mobile Page and Progressive Web Applications?

13 Mar

Difference between AMP and PWA.jpg

Everybody knows that mobile usage and user are growing rapidly and changing the face of digital submitting. Google won’t let us forget it. This has led to the development of several new technologies that are designed to deliver visitors, richer mobile experiences. AMP (accelerated mobile pages) and PWA (progressive web applications) are the two best scripting language that helps your website to load their content much faster.

Google launched the mobile-friendliness update and through then, this update has been made one of the factors to rank the particular websites on the mobile search engines. Now, the website owners started looking from the various available methods to provide the mobile experience quick and faster. For mobile users, optimizing the web pages can be a great choice. However, in case the web pages are certainly not loading quickly on the browser then? This will be one of the main hiccups that can avoid mobile users to browse through your content and you might lose a few valuable visitors.

Difference between AMP (accelerated mobile pages) and PWA (progressive web applications)


I’ll break down this into small phases, that shown below:

  • Differences between AMP and PWAs
  • What is Accelerated Mobile Pages?
  • Benefits of AMP
  • How Google AMP Works?
  • What is PWA?
  • Benefits of PWA
  • How Google PWAs Works?
  • Which is better for your website: AMP or PWAs?

What is Accelerated Mobile Pages?

What is Accelerated Mobile Pages.JPG

A quick refresher, Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) is a form of HTML script developed on the open source platform which helps websites to load their content much faster on mobiles. This thing was done by restricting all irrelevant JavaScript (JS) and other unnecessary scripts from hogging data speed. AMP is currently used by the news website, blogging website and other informational websites to showcase their news and a piece of information. Now ecommerce websites are also developed in AMP to showcase their products in mobile SERPs (Search engine optimization professionals). Now all the website designing company, built websites in AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages).

AMP has lots of benefits like faster loading speed, lower bounce rate, and better UX. It’seasy to install as well. All you need to do is to add a line of code or “Canonical Tag” into all pages.

  • AMP will Ban inline JS (JavaScript).
  • CSS can only be 50K.
  • It caches the website content for quick access.
  • The AMP web components provide it’s on JavaScript as part of AMP library.

Benefits of AMP (accelerated mobile pages)

Benefits of Google AMP.JPG

Some benefits of accelerated mobile pages (AMP) that are shown below.

  • Website loading speed increases

As per the Google research, if the website pages take more than 3 seconds for loading, then 40% of the user will move/ leave that website. There are several rules which include the use of just inline CSS or asynchronous JavaScript which helps to reduce the loading speed of the website. A lesser page loading time can bring a big change in traffic and engagement of the consumer.

  • Increase in Ad view

In AMP, the particular code of HTML is in such a way that it increases the overall ability of images and banners. This means high ads view ability rate, which helps to monetize their website.

  • Enhanced SEO (Search engine optimization)

It enhances mobile SEO (search engine optimization) and keyword rankings in mobile devices. Page loading time plays an important role in seo. An average mobile user can’t wait for more than 5-6 seconds for loading a page. Therefore, faster website page loading speed, will higher your rank in Google search engine.

  • Bounce rate is low and more engagement on a website

Loading time is a major factor in Google ranking and it will also help to reduce your bounce rate. A lower bounce rate also helps search engine to validate your pages what you offer and what you say that customer finds helpful.

How Google AMP Works?

How Google AMP Works.JPG

The particular AMP works the same as any other CODE works but it is limited to few specialized functionalities. It is an open source initiative wherein the particular pages will load in the browsers. The different architectural and specialized processes are worked on in combination which concentrates on the speed. The main goal is not really on how the content material looks rather how speedily it loads up.

What is PWA?

What is Progressive Web Apps.JPG

PWA stands for Progressive Web Applications and it’s a new web or software development methodology. Unlike a traditional website, PWA (progressive web app) is a hybrid of regular web pages and mobile application development.

It usually uses the concept associated with the modern capabilities of the web and mobile application in order to deliver the best experience to the customers. We can say that this is the latest technology or framework, instead of a practice set wherein a web application is usually made to work the particular same as desktop and mobile application. The aim will be to make sure that the result is so seamless the user cannot make out there the difference between the progressive web app and a normal mobile app. The working is progressive based since the name suggests.

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps.JPG

  • Less use associated with data

PWA uses simply a fraction of information as compared to additional mobile apps. Thus purchasing data becomes less expensive. Also, there is simply no extra storage required upon the device. Hence, simply no extra space is required.

  • No updates

Other applications keep on updating immediately thus increasing data intake and space. With PWA, there are no frequent updates required; it is usually only when the website is usually getting updated. The improvements are very quick.

  • Low cost

The development costs for PWA are much lesser than the other native apps. There are many functions to generate more businesses at very fewer prices.

  • Best for the SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The app searchability plus accessibility is also increased plan PWA. Faster period of loading website makes it higher in rates.

  • Responsive

We can say that PWAs is responsive and compatible with any device like desktop, tablet, mobile including the ones yet to come.


Which is better for your website: AMP or PWA?


For a website owner, this question strike in everyone minds that which one is best for the website whether it’s AMP or PWA. But we can say that PWA and AMP are important and they work simultaneously.

If we focus on the informatical website or content-based website, then AMP is the best and most suitable option. This website does not contains heavy media based content and not requires the custom JavaScript or inline CSS.

Nowadays both Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Apps(PWA) are used for website development and mobile application development and most commonly used by the Website Designing Company.

If you need an ecommerce website or contain heavy animated content, so they have to take PWA into consideration. It gives the website the appearance and feel of a mobile app. Thus, users obtain an experience which will be mobile friendly without also installing the app. The particular websites which are extremely dynamic and focus less on faster content launching have to go along with PWA. Both AMP and PWA work efficiently together.

Tips and Tricks to Double Your Social Media Following

21 Feb

Tips and Tricks to Double Your Social Media Following.png

Nowadays Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter is some of the most trending platforms on the web. In fact, only Facebook carries2.5 billion monthly active users and Instagram carries 1billon monthly active users. We have lots of active followers and customers for your business and boost sales. But you didn’t reach them if you don’t know the tips and tricks to promote your business on social media Platform.

Many enterprises and company are publishing Killer content to increase sales and boost social media following. If you are really serious about content then you also serious about diverting traffic from the social media platform and double your social media following with social media marketing.

One of the best ways to divert traffic to your website is to share your content on social media more than once in a day. let’s take an example, after posting a blog post, we definitely post, share and promote the blog post on social media platforms and double your social media following. After sharing we get certain no. of clicks from each platform.

Nowadays, Most of the company and marketer know the importance of the followers and doing several things to earn more social media followers. Usually, just for chasing the numbers of followers some marketer uses cheap third-party methods such as like-for-like, Fiverr gigs methods to get more followers, but it leads to decrease quality and weaker social media presence. Because of these followers will harm your social media platform at a certain point of time.

But when you choose the right methods to encourage then there are several advantages that come with more and more followers. Most of the people having the misunderstanding that all the followers are equal and whomsoever new one will get into the list may also be the same. This is usually not the truth, the truth is that the follower who engaged with your brand or business is more valuable than normal followers.

Now the biggest question, How to double your social media following, don’t worry. Here you this page you get the Top Tips and trick that help you to double your social media following without ever sacrificing the quality of your followers/audience. Have a look and we are 100% sure that you were able to increase your social media following.

Now, let’s dive in!

  1. Create High-quality and Unique Content

“Create Content People Actually Want to See”

In order to enhance the social media following, it is important that you are usually able to engage more and more people on your brand page. For this, it’s important that shared high-quality content for the audience in a consistent manner. Try out to put the content which usually attractive and unique. It should also be shareable content.

Try in order to attach to the feelings of the audience because that can actually be a good start. Making use of content like this can actually be associated with the audience a lot more engaged along with your brand plus they will also like to talk about this with their particular friends and relatives, eventually increasing your followers. You will get differentiated through a bulk of crowded interpersonal media markets.

Tips and tricks you should follow before creating your social media profile.

  • An easy to remember the username
  • A recognizable brand logo
  • Keyword-rich descriptions with icons(that still sound natural)
  • A trackable backlink to your website
  1. Get more engaged in the current post and discussions

There are several discussing going on at all factors of your time on almost just about all the social media platforms. Most of the people are directly linked to your niche. So you need to acquire those discussions with the help of some social media software.  You can also utilize some special features that are offered by the social media platforms or by following your niche related key brand. There are thousands of threads that arrive up with multiple individuals who will be involved in the discussion associated with some central concept or the question. You need to develop your own thoughts related to the subject matter and try completing it with complete dedication. This will display up to your leadership qualities.

  1. Consistently try to reach new people in your target audience.

Try reaching out in order to new people that have still not followed your brand name but are engaged in specific conversations of the brand name. For this, you can use a personal brand as one of the particular extensions of the business brands. This way your own approach will look a lot more reliable and friendly thus, engaging a good section associated with the audience. In this way, you can increase the following in a genuine way.

  • Which social media platform you’re active on
  • Your posting Timing/ routine
  • The type of blog/ article you publish
  • Your brand’s voice
  • The Bio or information in your information

Have a look at research data, best times you should follow for posting:

Facebook – (Monday to Fridays) between 1 pm and 3 pm

Twitter– (Monday to Fridays) between 12 pm and 6 pm

LinkedIn–(Monday to Fridays) between 5pm and 6pm

Instagram – (Monday to Fridays) between 1 pm and 3 pm

  1. Try working along with other influencers

Influencers play a vital role to improve the social media following. There are several social media users who already have higher highly influencing. These people are extremely strong and effective connections on social media platforms. They have hugenumber of followers and who provides an enormous reputation as properly. Try dealing with them in whatever way you may. You can go for articles collaboration or possibly some mutual exchange of conversation plus also by some event meet up. If you are being associated with such influencers, you will be able in order to earn better followers on your social media platforms. Try connecting with because many influencers as possible and you will see the drastic increase in the volume of social media followers for your brand. But make sure these relationships go on regarding a longer time period so as to maintain your quality forever.

  1. Create sure of rewarding your own followers

Most of the particular marketers will never focus on rewarding their followers. Don’t miss this since people like people who regard them. Try rewarding your own followers in whatever method you can. You will have got many options for performing it. Try responding to just about all the comments that you get on your brand within the social media profile. You can also attract some gifts for them.

You have to make the fans feel more appreciated; this particular way they will not just be with you but will engage more individuals to your brand plus thus will have the big contribution towards a good increase in the social media marketing following.

Build Relationships, Not only Followers

  • Always @mention that person in your own social media marketing posts.
  • Always answer the people questions
  • Always respond to that individual, when they will share or @mentioned your own post.
  • Build a powerful relationship by reply with an opinion to start a discussion, don’t just like the particular people post.


Top 10 Steps to Improve Ecommerce Product Page for SEO

7 Dec

10 Easy Steps to Optimize E-Commerce Product Pages for SEO copy

If you want to boost your ecommerce website traffic and sales, then have a look no further than SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

While SEO is usually a better way to increase your website traffic, it’s also the best way for e-commerce website as well.

The better your rankings are on Google and other search engines, the more you will sell.

You also need to encourage more customers on your product page and increase sale. Below these are several steps that you should follow to double your ecommerce website traffic and sales. In these steps, I will tell you the accurate strategies that I recommend for selling more and more on your ecommerce site with SEO (search engine optimization).

In order to make more sales with the ecommerce website, your product page is fully seo friendly and fully optimized. If the buyer searches products online, then only your store page will appear on the top of the search result. This thing only happens when your site is fully optimized by SEO. If you don’t miss your valuable customer/ Buyer then it’s compulsory that all the product page of your website is SEO friendly and it is fully SEO optimized.

“Higher Ranking on the Google or other search engines will automatically boost the sale.”


Top 10 Step by Step Guide to Optimize Your E-Commerce Product Pages for SEO

Do you really want to know, how to rank your e-commerce site on the top within a month? Read this full blog step-by-step and I am 100% sure, that your ecommerce website is on the top of search engine.


Here on this page, you get the 10 steps that will help you to optimize your ecommerce website product pages for SEO. Some of the SEO advance on-page techniques and off-page techniques that help you can Improve E-Commerce Product Pages for SEO. These guidelines will be updated on the daily basis, let’s have a look at these guidelines.

Let’s jump in!


1) Keyword Research: Try to understand the best product keywords

Before you try to start any of the optimizations for SEO, it is important that you are able to identify the words that buyers use to search for a product from your store. Therefore, you don’t even think to skip this step, It’s a very important factor, that’s keyword research. With proper keyword research techniques, you will be able to identify the customer useful keywords that enable higher impression and traffic on your product page.

Now your main aim is to understand what the best and appropriate keywords and phrases which relevant to your product and the product page. You can take into account the following factors: search volume, competition, and relevance.


How to Find Keywords for Ecommerce Product and Product Pages

There are a few keyword research tools and platform that you can take, and tools often serve as the most effective and appropriate options.

There are several tools for keyword research available in the market; out of which some are free and other are the paid.

Are you ready to take advantage of these free and best keyword research tools to gain higher influence on search engines? Have a look at once on the top 8 free keyword research tools.

Keyword Finder Tools

  • Google AdWords: Keyword Planner
  • Keyword Tool Dominator
  • AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Correlate
  • Wordtracker Scout
  • SEO Chat Suggestion Keyword Finder
  • WordStream Free Keyword Tool


One of the free tools which are very effective as well is the Ubersuggest. It is a free SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (PayPerClick) optimization and keyword suggestion tool that can assist you much better than other tools without any login or transaction.

Always try to introduce the long tail keywords or the best related or suggested keywords in the products description. There are several more SEO tips that you must follow.

  • The Meta Title will be fully optimized.
  • For more clarity, the headers must be properly descriptive
  • Always optimized the image alt attributes.
  • In order to create better internal linking construction, try linking to inner pages
  • your product page is fully optimized with the rich cards and Google snippets
  • Try not to copy the whole product description from any other sites.

Within the search results, try integrating availability, price and the reviews of the product. You will get a good edge over your opponents after doing this.


  1. Use relevant product names

Use relevant product names

The name of the products can directly have an impact on the search engine rankings. The keywords that you determined must be used in the Title tag and the description of the pages. Make sure that the product name is a point to point including the description which might be searched by the customers. The simplest way to do this is by searching the product on Google and you will get to the name of the products from nearly all of the available web pages.


  1. Use the rich quality description to include value to the product

Use the rich quality description to include value to the product

Write at least 1000 Word Description on your product page. Your website description tag helps to maximize your page CTR. Descriptions of the product help in SEO but it is merely when these descriptions are having some value added to them. Add only points which you think the customer would like to read in a product.

Nowadays Longer Content pages must tend to rank top in the Google search engines.

Some of the relevant keywords whether it’s a short tail or long tail keywords that must be added in the product description page to optimize your ecommerce product pages for SEO are as follows:

  • Key features

Always add the major specifications and features relevant to the product and exactly what are the value offerings of the product to the buyers.

  • Keywords

Try adding the prospective keywords in the description as often as you can. Try introducing the model number, brands, various variations to your keyword and synonyms in the description.

  • Be brief and specific

Try making the explanation more specific although not too lengthy. Be up to the point and try adding bullets and lists. This makes the content more legible.


  1. Page Meta title can increase the ranking

Page title can improve the ranking

More attractive and good is the page title, more will it have a positive effect on the rating of the page. Together with ranking, it also boosts up the click rates. Be sure that the title of your page is unique and has the keyword included in it. The primary keyword should be located at the beginning of the title and try not to repeat the keyword. For maximizing the effect, you can include up to the name of the brand.


  1. The Meta description is important

The Meta description is important

Adding keywords to the Meta description will never affect the position of the page but yes, it is always a good and a preferable choice. You can get more clicks because of it. Inserting keywords in the Meta explanation and adding numbers and bullets can improve the click-through rates. Add in brief about what you will find on the key page.

Keep an eye on the point that the description should not be very lengthy and it must be fully unique. The selling points of your product must be added to the Meta description. Try putting points like price, features, brands, and availability of the product in Meta explanation.


  1. Product URLs must be keyword friendly

Product URLs must be keyword friendly

Keyword friendly URLs have an impact on the search engine ranking. In search results, these URLs should directly appear below the title. They will be short and have keywords and always in lower case.

For example:


However, that doesn’t mean you want your URLs to reach the 50+ characters limits of the URL Structure. If the URL exceeds the limit, so Google will be confused and dilute the impression of the keywords in your URL.


  1. Heading and subheadings should be relevant

The content should have a proper heading plus the subheadings so that it becomes more readable as well as the buyer can quickly discover what they are looking for. In order to enhance the SEO, incorporate relevant conditions and the keywords in the headings. Headings should be short and simple.


  1. Add product Reviews and Ratings

Add product Reviews and Ratings

A product review and rating section must be added to your own site to Optimize E-Commerce Product Pages for SEO (Search engine Optimization). If not all the particular reviews are 5 stars rated, it is not an issue. The variance in the feedback provides the assurance to the particular customers that the testimonials are legitimate. Get the particular reviews of the customers by connecting them through emails.


  1. Use images and videos

To supply a compliment to your own description, use high-quality pictures and how to use videos in your product pages. The sales plus traffic get boost up with this. The item photographs should be associated with high resolution.


  1. Decrease the page load period

Decrease the page load period

The e-commerce conversions reduce with all the slow loading item pages. Also, it provides a bad impact on the particular keyword ranking from the page. The page should be packed within 3 seconds associated with time. You can make use of various performances monitoring equipment to identify your product page load time.


They are some simple yet extremely important steps you need to follow with the ecommerce website development company in order to Improve E-Commerce Product Pages.

Top 5 most used PHP framework in 2018

28 Aug


For any kind of web application development or even for designing a website, PHP is a technology that is widely used now-a-days. It is deemed to be the most famous and common used server-side programming language. This is an open up source scripting language plus has been a secure and stable technology through the long back.

Initially, the particular PHP developers started forming some custom codes to achieve each and every task via PHP but with time they sensed that writing codes for every functionally are a tiresome task making the language less usable. Therefore, they come with an efficient methodology that is associated with certain frameworks.

Introduction of PHP frameworks

In the PHP framework, various reusable codes are combined together for creating a web application, web design and website development. These websites and software may be of many sizes plus complexity depending on the particular requirement.

These frameworks provide a standard way for the development of web-based application and software. The development becomes much faster because the code will be reusability and not to be written again and again where it’s required. Therefore, the developers can use these frameworks.

Features of the PHP frameworks

Following are some associated with the reasons why nearly all of the web development business still prefers using the particular active PHP frameworks:

  • Code Reusability: The web growth gets speed up as a consequence of the code reusability.
  • Higher Security: These frameworks offer high security for the website or even for the application.
  • Along with the use of frameworks, developers can implement the concept of OOPs in their development process.
  • Scalable: The web applications that are depending on frameworks are extremely scalable.
  • It follows the Model View Controller (MVC) logic which is recommended for the web development as the logic is usually totally segregated from the particular presentation.

These are a few of the important fundamental of PHP framework that makes them so popular in order to be used.


Top 5 most used PHP framework For Development

Regarding the development of web apps, there are Top 5 PHP frameworks available in the online market. Let’s have a look at the best Framework which is really common that are shown below.

  1. Laravel PHP Framework

Laravel is one of the most used open source PHP framework that is used nowadays. It had been introduced and developed in 2011 by Taylor Otwell. This framework is extremely preferred in the market and nearly 60%-80% of the PHP developer is using Laravel. The reason behind this is the WVC structures utilized by Laravel and highly secured. The WVC architecture followed by Laravel has a huge package room combined with the feature of line management.

Advantages of using Laravel Framework

  • Building Authentication and Authorization Systems.
  • Integration with Mail Services.
  • It provides a clean, simple API over the popular SwiftMailer libraries.
  • Fixing the Most Common Vulnerabilities.
  • Automatically Configuration Error and Exception Handling.
  • Automation of Testing Work.

There are several new features which may have been recently added to the particular Laravel framework. Several features are shown below:

  • Laravel horizon

It comes along with a dashboard which has been designed elegantly and has a suitable configuration based on the particular code which suits the particular Redis queues.

  • Laravel Sunset

With this feature, the particular browser automation along with the screening API becomes very easy in order to use and expressive. Numerous developers prefer this.

  • Laravel Echo

Laravel echo has got the feature of event transmitting. Without any complexities, the particular WebSockets may be used in the application by making use of Laravel replicate.

Laravel framework has the particular capability to make the design and development basic and elegant enough with regard for both beginners and expert developers. Large groups, as well as the individual developers, can simply make use of Laravel.


  1. Symfony

Symphony is a specific selection when the development is for a large-scale company. The particular ecosystem of this framework is huge enough with a major library of the particular codebase and recyclable pieces together with a community associated with active developers. The job of reusable parts is to complete the item creation and configuration, templating, routing, authentication and several more other things.


  1. CodeIgniter

This being a lightweightframeworkthat is employed whenever you need to offer installations that are hassle-free and less of the configuration settings needed. CodeIgniter has the particular capacity to work upon all sorts of dedicated plus shared hosting platforms in a hassle-free manner.

It is not really completely following the MVC architecture and hence designers get some mobility while operating with CodeIgniter PHP framework. Make use of a controller is should but yes, using model and view is really a total choice of the creator. The error handling is very easy with this construction, in fact, it is highly secure since well.


  1. CakePHP

CakePHP is another widely used construction of 2018. This is highly secured, reliable and incredibly quick. From a decade, this framework exists in the particular market and it is very well-known among the PHP developers. It comes with many special features like Cross-site request forgery protection, avoidance from SQL injection plus prevention from cross-site scripting etc.

With CakePHP, scaffolding is very simple and hence the web development company can create its own prototypes easily. No complicated YAML files are needed for the configuration. Everything that is required for the development of an application is supplied in the framework such as the access to the data source, validation, translations and the particular authentication.


  1. Yii 2

Yii is 1 of the very older active PHP frameworks. Lately, it has created a brand new version named as Yii 2. This framework is usually purely object-oriented. Functions on lazy loading techniques which usually make the framework function faster than other frameworks.

The big and substantial web application development company may preferably go for the consumption of Yii 2 framework. The particular major reason is the fact that this particular framework may easily get integrated with features like Jquery and AJAX. There is one more feature called Gii which has the ability to generate code.

These are the top 5 advanced best PHP frameworks that will are widely-used widely all over the world. It totally is determined by the advantages of the website which framework for use.

Reference:  (1) https://www.samwebstudio.com/blog/post/top-5-most-used-php-framework-in-2018

(2)  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yii






Top 10 Advanced SEO Techniques 2018

20 Jul

In Today World SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an essential tool in order to rule over the Online industry. If you have the correct SEO technique and skills in your pocket, then you can easily rule in the online industry and generate higher traffic to your website or blog page. You should have the proper knowledge about the characteristics and necessity of each and every aspect like content, consumption of keywords, elimination of negative key phrases and various other aspects which play a significant role to double your website traffic and generate higher ROI.

Nowadays everyone in the world starts their day along with Google search and if you need the users to visit on your web page or website, then you must follow these SEO techniques that help you to boost your online appearance on the internet.

“Are you ready to double your website traffic?”

To help you understand more in SEO, We offer some Advances SEO techniques for on-page and off-page. We have done lots of research to get these effective techniques. These SEO techniques are updated on the daily basis.

Top SEO Techniques 2018

  • Mobile- excellent device (Responsive web design)

Right now there is no need to say how important the Smartphone are in the particular current period. Many associated with the concerns today create mobile-friendly websites which are usually really loved by the users. Be it for purchasing or ordering food, everyone usually loves online order. So, if your website is responsive and user-friendly then it keeps your client/user come back. Hire the Best responsive website designing company to make your website responsive and user-friendly.

So, if you want higher Google Rankings, make certain you have got a website which is user-friendly and easily accessible on their devices such as Smartphone, desktop, iPhone and lots more. So, your websites should become designed in such a way that they will be opened within the smart devices and takes lesser time for execution.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Audit

Now, SEO Audit is something which you can’t be forgotten or skipped. It is the consequence of your website’s performance on the internet. It provides you the information about errors, bugs, linking, are usually the search traffic plus whether the traffic increased or decreased and the reasons. You may then make the changes accordingly in your website which is actually needed.

Work on all the on-page, off-page tech. such as Meta tags, description, title, loading speed, technical elements, architecture and much more.

Use URLs that are readable and avoid those which have robots.txt. You can also utilize target keywords in Web addresses.

Some Free SEO Tools 2018 are shown below:

1) Google Webmaster

2) Google Analytics


4) SEMRush

5) Pagezii

6) SEOptimer and many more.

  1. Landing pages getting SEO optimization

To produce a lot more traffic, you should have proper landing web pages. The users should really get interesting and helpful content on your website. Presently there are some crucial elements which should be kept in mind for the development of correct landing web pages. Those are relevant information, correct keywords and many more. The particular layout of the web page should be attractive sufficient to get the attention associated with the users. There ought to sign up procedure plus download button. One of the main things which generate a good landing web page is no navigation which means the users need not really have to continue looking what they need.

“Firstly observe what your user needs and their wants”

  1. Content (King of SEO)

We all know content is the king in today’s marketing. The particular content must be unique and must be going above 1500 words. When Google or any search engine looks on your website or page, firstly they look at the content and their uniqueness. Having quality content, so that the user will get the exact information they will be looking for.

“Have more quality content on web pages that may lead to generate higher traffic”

Right now, thousands of people are looking for content just like yours. You can help them find it by becoming an SEO expert.

According to some research on a website’s, usually traffic begins with Questioners.

“Why SEO is so necessary to boost web pages?”

  1. Use infographics

Nowadays Infographics are becoming more popular because they allow us to display complex data in an easy and effective way. Using infographics holds one of the most effective ways to generate more traffic.

A person can use visual means and pictures to obviously show the information. The particular diagrams, charts can very helpful and useful. The images, videos, and images also display much associated with the information about the item. Users love more than the particular infographics. The websites having videos and infographics will easily gain more traffic and interest of the users.

“Quality infographics easily boots your website traffic and influence by 200%”

  1. Great roundup post

The roundup post should be nice to grab the interest of the readers. The specialist roundups are liked simply by your readers and they also help you in maintaining benefit rank on the particular map. Expert Roundup write-up also helps in an era of more traffic in the direction of the websites. Users take notice of the viewpoints and advice associated with authorities which can eventually result in the success associated with the website.

  1. Use of keywords in SEO titles on pages

The page title should contain more than a single keyword. The keywords need to be used in this kind of way that the title will not look bad or even unattractive. Keep in mind that you use all the relevant keywords or else it creates a bad impact in the eyes of the readers. The keywords must be such that they existing the useful and relevant info on the topic. The particular good keywords improve the ratings of the website.

For SEO Based Content you should follow several key factors that are shown below.

  • Make sure that the main keyword will appear in the title as well in the web pages or blog post.
  • Content may include some of the long tail keywords as well as short tail keywords.
  • Use your keywords within the heading tags <h1>, <h2>, … <h7> tags to put more emphasis on them.
  • Use your keywords as anchor text when linking to other web pages or we called as internal linking.

Example: If your website niche is on Website Designing then you should optimize such Keywords like website designing company, web design and more into your website content. You should think twice before introducing keyword. Choose the best and effective Keywords that help you to generate higher traffic.

  1. Put new content

This really is again a significant SEO technique which you need in order to follow. Make use of the headline along with keywords. You need to add client testimonials and mentions anywhere possible on the web page. These techniques will assist in producing more visitors and result in an increase in sales. You should change the particular content often and set brand new images, pictures, and video clips by replacing the content with a new one.

  1. Social Media platforms

If you write a new blog post and get higher traffic. That’s not possible to get higher traffic on fresh post because the page authority and domain authority is quite less. To get more traffic to your new blog post you can optimize the social media platforms. Because in today’s world everyone is engaging more into social media platform.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that the content you put on the social media should be interesting so that users will feel in order to read more. Some top social media platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Scoop It, G+, and more.

You may take advantage of animated videos, pictures and images to grab the particular attention of the customers. You can build a local community where the users can chat and make conversations.

  1. Google Search Console

Google Webmaster tool will show you the various errors of your site plus the keywords which are frequently used. You may understand the errors such since 404 pages. It furthermore shows you the different WEB ADDRESS errors in the websites and pages. It furthermore displays Google Index plus Crawls stats.

These are the most effective SEO processes for generating the traffic and increasing the domain authority and page authority. SEO techniques are broadly utilized by all the worries now for building their brand and connecting with users positioned in additional parts of the globe. The primary aim of SEO is to provide what the audience actually desires. You can get in touch with best SEO company in delhi order to know much more. 


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